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Brothers of the Beta Rho Sigma Charlotte Alumni Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma (aka the Sigmas of Charlotte) will enjoy a private guided bourbon tasting and learn about what makes bourbon, well, bourbon.

For members of the Beta Rho Sigma Chapter only.

By invitation only. Password required to register.



A few important details:

  1. The tasting includes everything you’ll need – bourbons, glasses, instructions, etc. There is a cost to cover the costs of materials.
  2. The event will include a virtual guided blind tasting and trivia that will teach you the bourbon basics (there will be a prize for the winner!). You’ll learn how to properly nose, taste, and pull out notes. You’ll walk away knowing more about bourbon, what types you may like, and maybe a little bit about yourself. Most are surprised by the results and find a new favorite after participating. At the conclusion of the tasting, we’ll stay on for a little brotherhood and conversation.
  3. This is good for someone who knows very little about bourbon, or someone who’s been a connoisseur for years. I learn something new every time we host one of these.
  4. Any Sigma in the Charlotte area can participate. We’ll coordinate a pickup time later.
  5. If you’ve participated in one of our tastings already, you can register as a participant if you want to do it again – or just join as a guest observer for the brotherhood of it all (but you are ineligible for trivia).
  6. We’re capping attendance at 20. If this fills up, we may schedule a second. When things open up, we plan on doing some in-person events. Stay tuned!