We curate and cultivate exclusive, premium bourbon tastings for small groups, non-profits, organizations, and milestone events. Our focus is primarily on individuals at the beginning of their bourbon journey, budding bourbon enthusiasts, and those who like to drink whiskey, but don’t know much about it. We also curate events for those more experienced with bourbon and whiskey, and create craft cocktails made with premium, home-made ingredients.

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Beginner Bourbon Tastings

For newbies and budding enthusiasts. Learn how to nose and taste whiskey – and learn more about your preferred flavor profiles.

This is where we recommend almost everyone starts, even those who have been enjoying whiskey for some time.

During this experience, we’ll blind taste four tasty entry-level bourbons to learn how to nose, taste, and identify  tasting notes, as well as learn the nuances of different brands and profiles. We’ll have fun interacting and playing trivia to learn more about what makes bourbon, well, bourbon, and ranking the bourbons to see what we like as individuals and as a group. Most people are surprised about what they select and excited to try something new in the future. You’ll leave this experience entertained, educated, and empowered to select your next bourbon, or even begin an entirely new bourbon journey.

Other Whiskey Tastings

Bourbon is booming, but there are many other whiskeys to explore. Taste and learn about other whiskeys from American rye and wheat to Scotch, Irish, and Japanese.

This is where we take the beginner bourbon tasting to the next level. These  tastings focus on different types whiskey, and can be customized to focus on specific types, brands, proof points, and more. We’ll explore the world of whiskey by tasting and learning about whiskeys from various countries. We’ll try whiskey made from various grains or finished with different techniques. The options are truly unlimited.

Look out for events for whiskey-themed events, or contact us if you’d like to curate your own event.

Customized Tastings & Events

Have a birthday or milestone event coming up? Looking for a virtual event for your team at work? Contact us to create your unique experience!

We love creating memorable experiences, and what is better than your own customized event with your friends, family, or colleagues. We can create an entire whiskey-themed event for your audience, or we can plug a whiskey tasting experience into a larger event.

The sky’s really the limit so contact us today to talk through some ideas!