In 2018, when the world was still open and we were still hugging one another, we took a trip to New York City for the annual BookCon event. As a bibliophile, this was basically like taking Stephanie to Disneyworld. A star struck Stephanie could barely speak to some of her favorite authors, and geeked out when they signed her books or spoke to her. She found a small coffee shop she loved near Javits Center where they were holding the event. It was full of rustic charm, books and oat milk lattes. We loved exploring the city on foot, getting berated for stopping in the middle of the sidewalk full of moving pedestrians, going the wrong direction on the Subway, finding the BEST tacos, attending the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play and spending insane amounts on “theater” bourbon which is just regular bourbon with fancy, expensive prices! We found gluten free, dairy-free pop tarts for Stephanie and were introduced to Arepas (we luckily found some delicious arepas in Charlotte at Arepas Grill) .

What was already a lovely trip with Stephanie ready to implode with happiness, got even better as we discovered Kings County Distillery which is located in the Paymaster Building in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. The location is near the site of the Brooklyn Whiskey Wars of the 1860s and the former distillery district of the waterfront.

We were looking for speakeasy’s or whiskey bars, when Jason found Kings County Distillery. We took the train to Brooklyn, got lost walking streets ripe with regentrification, discovered there was such thing as a bike-only path, and finally got our bearings and headed in the correct direction toward Kings County. As we were walking, the cute shops, cafes, restaurants, businesses and coffee shops gave way to a graffitied basketball court in a matter of blocks. We walked through streets lined with residents, long-standing neighborhood stores and through a housing project and suddenly, we were upon Kings County Distillery. When we entered their little distillery, a quick intake of breath gave away our excitement. It was a charming little spot. When you walk in, to your left the open floor space is littered with round chairs and tables covered with leather bound menus and small vases of flowers and baby’s breath. The bar sits to your right with comfortable stools, knowledgeable bartenders and a small outdoor courtyard sitting to the left of the bar space. We were enamored with this place. A set of round, metal steps take you to the bathroom which is located in the bomb shelter of the old navy yard and felt like entering another world.

We tried multiple flights and wistfully left the distillery when closing time was upon us with promised to return. We did return, a year later when we attended BookCon again, and this time we walked away with 8 bottles of bourbon to give others and keep for ourselves. We’ve missed the distillery and attended some of their virtual events in 2020. We can’t wait to go back, but in the meantime, we’re happy their offerings are finally available to out of staters here ( . The Bottled in Bond is our favorite Kings County offering. Pick up one of their offerings and let us know what you think.

Until we can visit the distillery again, we’ll get our favorite offerings online. We can’t wait to go back.