Trying something new. Cooper’s Craft was the first brand addition in 20 years to the Brown-Foreman lineup in 2016, so the mashbill is similar to Old Forester and Woodford Reserve. What makes it unique is the charcoal filtration and chiseling of the barrels before charring to give it more wood surface for interaction.

On the nose, we initially got the typical OF banana candy (Runts?) and caramel aroma, but then the barrel influence came through with tobacco and heavy leather. The palate hits with rich apple slices and butter, liked cooked apples with caramel and brown sugar, along with a hint of herbal essence. It has a rather dry herbaceous finish, most likely from the stronger wood influence.

This is a unique, complex offering as it really transforms from nose to palate to finish. The finish may a tad bit too dry and bitter, so we’re interested to see how this opens up over time.