Prepare for your tasting

Thank you for joining one of our tastings. We want to ensure you have the best experience possible. Follow these steps prior to your event:

  1-2 days prior to event

  1. Unpack all items to ensure you have received everything in good order.
  2. If you received tasting glasses, wash and completely dry them prior to the event.
    • If you did not receive tasting glasses from us or you don’t have your own whiskey tasting glasses, then we recommended using some sort of tulip-shaped glass (like a wine glass). Rocks glasses can also work. Whatever you use, try to use the same type of glass for each pour to ensure a consistent experience.
  3. Be sure you have created your Zoom account. Test your account if you haven’t used it before.
  4. Identify the best space to setup your laptop and flight tasting.
  5. Get the following materials:
    • Large glass or bottle of drinking water
    • Pen/pencil and paper

  15-30 minutes before start time

  1. Setup your virtual bourbon tasting space.
  2. Place the tasting mat in front of you (preferably between you and your laptop/device).
  3. Place each tasting glass on the mat areas labeled A, B, C, D.
  4. Pour out about half of each bottle in its corresponding glass (A in A, B in B, and so forth).
  5. Be sure you have your supplies nearby (drinking water, pretzels, chocolate, and pen/pencil).
  6. If available, pour just a sip or two of your own low-proof bourbon/whiskey on the side (around 90 proof or below). We’ll warm up our taste buds before sipping the first bourbon.
  7. Access the event link and get ready to sip some delicious bourbons!

  Tips for a great experience

  • Be setup and ready to go at the start of the event. Follow the prep steps to make sure you’re all set.
  • Be sure to eat prior to the tasting – you don’t want to do this on an empty stomach. However, try not to eat just before starting or during the tasting (except for any provided snacks). Food can impact the flavor of the liquors. We recommend eating about an hour or so before the event.
  • Don’t smoke prior to or during tasting. Cigars can especially impact, or even change, your taste buds.
  • Avoid wearing perfumes and colognes or burning candles, incense, etc. Your sense of taste and smell are closely related. Keep all of your senses sharp by keeping your nose and palate as neutral as possible.